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General Help  
    This website was set up to provide 3M suppliers shipping  
    collect or 3rd party to 3M with the 3M preferred routing.  
    Suppliers shipping to 3M should use this website to make
    sure they are tendering freight to the correct carrier in order  
    to avoid a freight charge back.  If you need to speak with  
    someone directly, see the Contact Us page.  
        Complete the Preferred Routings form prompting you for  
        data about your shipment.  The Origin Zip, Destination Zip,  
        Today's Total PO Count to the Destination Location,  
        Weight, Temperature Protection Specification, and either  
        the Piece or Pallet count are required to select a carrier.  
        Then click the Submit button.  3M's preferred carrier along  
        with your shipment data will be displayed on a second page.  
        Use the Preferred Routings link to get another routing.  
        Caution:  This website is for the sole and exclusive use of 3M and those parties it authorizes.  3M may modify or remove the website at any time without notice.  
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